Our team of Asset Managers and Research analysts are traveling around the world to pick up the most interesting and best investment ideas. All the time we are visiting seminars, conferences and congresses. We research hundreds of investment opportunities and select only those with the greatest potential gains and the lowest risk. We are inspired by the timeless principles of Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger and Ben Graham. We visit places where likeminded individuals from all over the world can develop their worldly wisdom, learn to be better investors and get high-potential, actionable investment ideas.

After that the ideas are being investigated and researched. External parties and external research is being used to compare if the ideas are in line with our expectations. We are connected to a club of private, international network of knowledgeable investors and entrepreneurs to grow and protect wealth. 

Our Equities strategies:
Solar Value Fund Ltd.
Lunar Value Fund Ltd.
Solar Special Value Fund Ltd.

Our Bond strategies:
Solar USD Bond Fund Ltd.
Solar EUR Bond Fund Ltd. 

Our Resources strategies:
Solar Resources Fund Ltd.

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